Thrifty-Pull cable and harness
Custom cable assemblies, jacketing, tray cable, printing, and twisted pairs. All assemblies built to your specifications. UL Listed.
  • Any gauge, color, stranding, wire type building wire, electronic cable, coax, fiber optic too.

  • Alpha-numeric ID approximately every 1-1/2" on each conductor

  • Continuous, sequential footage tape

  • Factory-bound with strong resin bonded nylon

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Products & Services

Straight Configuration
Ideal for electronic cable composites; when assembly will be laid in place; or when conductors will be broken out at unspecified intermediate points along the run.
Spiral Configuration
Ideal for home runs and applications involving large numbers of conductors.
Staggered and Drop Configurations
Staggered assemblies are ideal for installations where drop points can be specified at time of order. Use Drop assemblies when breakout points are unknown at time of order
Custom Bundling
  • Any type of wire from 1 AWG to 18 AWG, cable sizes from 1/8" to 2" depending on conductor make-up
  • You specify wire type, gauge, color and stranding - Building wire, data cables - Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5E, Fiber, Electronic, Coax, Audio
  • Custom printing
  • Straight, Spiral or Staggered configurations
  • Fast turnaround times
Custom Jacketing - UL Listed give premise rated cables outdoor protection
  • Custom PVC Tray Rated Cables available. Please specify
  • Direct Burial Cables available. Please specify
  • Sunlight Resistant Cables available. Please specify
  • Low Density, High Molecular weight PE Jacket suitable for outdoor use
  • 18 AWG and larger, from 0.100 up to .77 core diameter
  • Jacket wall thickness available from 30-80 mil
  • Custom Printing
  • Only 100-ft. minimum
  • Shipped in one week
Custom Shielding
  • Mylar or Foil Shielding using longitudinal wrap

Custom Printing

  • Alpha-numeric, characters, symbols, words
  • Stripes - spiral or longitudinal, multi-colored, hash marks, etc.

Twisted Pairs

Gauges: 10-18 AWG, stranded or solid.

  • Twelve conductor colors to choose from

  • Up to 7500 feet per reel

  • Lay length from 1-1/4 to 3-1/2

  • Custom striping, printing, jacketing, shielding and bundling also available

  • Shipped in 1-3 days

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